Global Chinese Evangelism





The love of Christ, His advent message and truth, compels us.




Bring many Chinese to Christ, to encourage Chinese Adventists to share the Advent Message, to be zealous and faithful to the Lord, and prepare their hearts for Christ's soon return.











Hold Chinese evangelism, revival meetings, camp meetings, seminars, week of prayer meetings, and divine worship services.  Other activities planned are small group Bible study and fellowship in homes, special prayers for patients and other needs and requests. 








Writing topics concerning Bible doctrines, Christ's salvation through messages and gospel in the form of Chinese books, booklets, handbills.  Material will be available in tapes, videos, CDs and DVDs.  Established a global website for gospel.  Thus messages via website and email will send for evangelism.











This is the Lord supporting ministry.  After graduating with a Doctor of Ministry in World Mission at Andrews University in August, 2005, Pastor John Lee has accepted the Lord's call to do Chinese evangelism and ministry around the world.








The Needs:

For better function of evangelistic meetings, and share the gospel with others in families, at the moment, we need a projector.  We also need funds for travel in US and some Asian countries for evangelism, etc.   








Method of Supporting:









Mailing Add:










In the United States, all love offerings or donations please make payable to "Illinois Conference of SDA " and write on the memo: "For John Lee/Chinese Ministry."  Illinois Conference will issue a tax-deductible receipt to you.  For we have been recognized and accepted by Illinois Conference.  The donation will support the "Global Chinese Evangelism."  Thank you for your support.  May God bless you and your family.

In Canada and other countries, the check make payable to: John Lee

From the beginning of April 2007, Pastor John Lee is the pastor of New York Chinese Church.  Welcome to contact him through email or phone. 

To Pastor John Lee

76-06 41 Ave, Elmhurst

NY 11373, U.S.A.


To Illinois Conference

Elder Duane Rollins & Lucy Escamilla

Illinois Conference of SDA

619 Plainfield Road,  Suite 200

Willowbrook, IL 60527-8438